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  • CBF  has adopted the protection and improvement of environmental quality as a general purpose. This scope
    To determine targets that will continuously improve our company, to review these targets in the meetings to be held,
    It aims to provide employees with a healthy, safe and clean work environment. In order to achieve this goal;
     Carry out environmental review activities in all operations and products in production lines.
    It will ensure continuous improvement in environmental terms.
     Comply with environmental legislation and administrative regulations.
     To prevent pollution;
    1. Will consider the environmental factor in new products, projects and operations.
    2. Less pollutant properties to reduce the use of harmful substances in product design and production processes
    will investigate those found.
    3. It will work for the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of wastes at its source.
    4. Saving in the consumption of energy, water and natural resources to increase efficiency and promote the use of new technologies.
    will provide.
    5. It will organize events to raise environmental awareness.

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