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  • Baby Clothing

    We adhere to all health and safety guidelines and we also have our own in-house policies that are followed from the design of a garment to production. We provide premium yet commercial qualities and are committed to providing beautiful, long-lasting clothing.

    Young Girls Clothing

    It is important for us that we offer a larger selection of girls and teenagers alongside our young girls collection. This is where we can design according to the latest trends and styles while ensuring all products are age appropriate.

    Girls Clothing

    Graphics and techniques are the fastest changing element for young girls, and this is something our design team is very passionate about. We always use the latest techniques, look at market research and design according to trends while adding our own unique handwriting. We develop everything from fabric, shape and technique to graphics and prints.

    Women’s Clothing

    We are constantly updating our product range in line with the latest catwalks, trade fairs and regular global shopping trips. We work closely with our customers to develop ranges that allow them to receive the latest product that matches their customer profile. We continue to develop our own high fashion collection that we offer to our customers.


    In recent years, we have seen a major comeback in the menswear trend that we have fully embraced. While ensuring that all products are commercial, we continue to develop and innovate in our collections.

    Home dressing

    The most important factor in our comfortable clothing types is the fabric bases we use. We pride ourselves on supplying premium, soft palm and purpose-built fabrics and tailor our shapes to fit the latest trends.

    Sports Wear

    We design and create a true sportswear product for women’s and girls’ wear using the latest coatings, technical fabrics and style details….


    Our factory is fully FAMA approved. We bring our own creativity to the license brand, whether through technique, form of clothing or style, adhering to strict codes of conduct.

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