CBF Turk has adopted the protection and improvement of the environmental as a general purpose. As such, our goals and objectives to provide a healthy, safe and clean work enviroment for employees dovetails  with our consideration of the environmental landscape.

In production processes; we will make improvements that reduce ouruse of raw materials and their environmental impact.
To fulfil our green credentials, we will ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental management system by periodically determining, realising and regularly reviewing environmental goals and targets.
We will comply with all environmental legislation and administrative regulations.
To prevent contaminationi, we will:
  • Take into account the environmental factor of new products, projects and operations.
  • Investigate lower pollutants to reduce the use of harmful substances in product design and production processes.
  • Work to reduce, re-use, recover and recycle waste at source.
  • Provide savings in the consumption of energy, water and natural resources to increase efficiency and encourage the use of new technology.
  • Organise activities to create environmental awareness.
Trees planted
Walnut and Fruit Trees
2020 Waste Recycling
Energy efficient LED

Since the start of 2014, we have planted

0 + Trees

As we grow to be one of the best manufacturers, we ensure that we are surrounded by a green environment.

- Organic Garden

- Fruit Trees

- Food Waste Recycling

For a greener tomorrow with our 100% Recycling Policy


Sports Facilities at our Factory

By offering a wide variety of physical activities including basketball, volleyball, table tennis and trampolining, we motivate our employees to stay in shape.